Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Henry Ian Cusick as Jesus

Henry Ian Cusick is a very talented and gifted actor and is brilliant in the role of Jesus in The Gospel of John. Although this film is word for word from the Good News Bible and might appear boring to some, Cusick brings this gospel to life with his awesome performance! One reason for Henry's fantastic performance is that he was a stage actor rather than a film actor. To master the word for word scripture is not an easy task, but it is much easier for stage actors. Henry's performance is magnificent!

For more information about Henry Ian Cusick, there is a great web site that someone created with lots of information about him, his films, television performances and even his CV and contact information:



Neil said...

I agree! This was the best Bible adaptation I have seen. The acting, the scenery, the music - everything.

queen_spoo said...

HIC was fantastic as Jesus! It was a fantastic movie, unfortunately overlooked. Thanks for getting the word out there. I have let the "Gospel of John" yahoo group that I belong to know about your blog.


queen_spoo of www.nativitymovie.blogspot.com

Yuri Leveratto said...

I would like to see this wonderful movie in italian. I think the actor Cusick is very talented. Why didnt you try to sell this movie in spanish or italian? I think it will be a great success.
Yuri Leveratto