Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Where to Find The Gospel of John Film

I have had a few people ask about where to purchase The Gospel of John film. Most Christian bookstores either carry it or they can get it for you. You can also find it at or check E-bay. If you can, get the 2 DVD set, as that is the one that has all the extras on it. Some stores only sell the one DVD. It is cheaper, but you'll miss the extras!


Graeme said...

Is there a 35mm reel of this film that could be used in cinema / movie theatres available - if so is there a contact No. that someone could let me know of so I can contact the relevant people?

Jean said...

Graeme, please send me additional information along with your email and/or phone number with time zone, and I will contact the film director and have him contact you. Thank you for your interest in The Gospel of John film.