Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Blind Man's Performance

In the film, The Gospel of John, when Jesus healed the blind man, and he washed his face and suddenly realized he could see, the film showed how powerful this miracle was. The actor who played the blind man was fantastic in this role, and the producer and director also did a marvelous job in this film sequence!

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Anonymous said...

I agree, The Gospel of John movie is the most understated Jesus epic ever made. Subtle and yet entirely comprehensive. I remember seeing the trailer in the theatre and thought it looked interesting, but I was still an atheist or agnostic at best and didn't go. It took Mel's Passion of the Christ hype to nail my beliefs down before I got around to seeing The Gospel of John, and finding it worthy as a pearl of great price to be purchased for my DVD library.

It is sad that this film did not reap the revenues that Passion did. Sadder still that they stopped their project for The Gospel of Mark.

Sometimes, I wonder if Garth Drabinsky, co-producer, didn't jinx this from the start with accounting discrepancies that plagued him in previous ventures.

Too bad the people involved in the project, that was supposed to be a trilogy, including the Gospel of Luke, can't find a new investor to take the reins and finish the projects.